A Non-binary writer, artist, and director with an abiding interest in the macabre and absurd.

Jess | Anson

My work is driven by an interest in psychology, LGBTQ+, the environment, and philosophy. Horror, the macabre, and Absurdism – in the humorously morbid vein of Samuel Beckett and Ionesco – are key features in my art and writing.

Like HP Lovecraft, Guillermo del Torro, and Junji Ito, I explore story and imagery with terror. Not to make people afraid or paranoid, but to push against concepts with discomfort. Bertolt Brecht believed art should make its viewers question and make them think. Horror is a perfect medium to make people think.

Why does this cause us discomfort? Why are we afraid? What does this say about us, as a people and a society, that our response is fear? Racism. Sexism. Violence. Abuse. Mental Illness. Ableism. The absurdity of our own existence and the struggles we put upon ourselves.

Through horror I explore these topics. In turn, these are topics that allow me to think of horror and its presentation in different ways. Let’s change the face of horror, from aimless violence and jumpscares, to an aesthetic that may address the inequities of our society.

Artist | Writer | Actor


Horror &Thriller

Illustration & Painting




Projects & Work

1,000 Cranes 10,000 Thoughts: Trans Narrative in Film
(2019 – 2020)
Research thesis and accompanying screenplay on the presence of transgender narrative in film. To be presented for the 2020 Student Research and Creative Works Expo at University of Arkansas at Little Rock and submitted as Capstone project for BA in Theatre Arts.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear by Lauren Gunderson
(December 2019)

Performing Genderqueer
(December 2018 – April 2019)
Researched, cast, and choreographed movement piece presented at the 2019 Fringe Festival of New Student Work and the university’s Student Research and Creative Works Expo. Won 2nd place for the Visual Arts category at the expo.