Fringe Festival V

Dancer Emily Shellabarger performing Genderqueer for the second time at UA Little Rock’s new facility groundbreaking event.

My piece Genderqueer was performed at University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Fringe Festival V hosted by the Theatre and Dance department. The piece was a devised work between Anson and the dancer Emily Shellabarger. Genderqueer explored gestures and movement styles associated with masculinity and femininity. This exploration extended to ‘neutral’ gestures, it attempted to find ‘genderfluid’ gestures, or gestures so far removed from the idea of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ as to be null.

Genderqueer was heavily influenced by the visual nature of butoh and the emotional expression of the dancers as personified concepts. It drew on modern dance form, classical form, and Avant Garde choreography.

This piece had no story to tell, but was a nonverbal, silent movement piece to express the director – Anson, the dancer – Emily and evoke a sense of question in the audience.

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